Bus Shells

What are used bus or coach shells? Why would anyone want just the shell of a bus? - Used Bus Shells

Used bus shells are buses that have been completely stripped down to the framework of that coaches build. This bus shell leaves you with the perfect start to creating your own bus conversion for use as an rv, motorhome, party bus, limo bus, or what have you. The most common types of used bus shells are generally a larger coach contructed by either MCI, Eagle, Van Hool, Neoplan, Dina, or several other coach manufacturers. In opposition to the norm you can find many antique buses where the antique coach was converted time and time again and is now been stripped down to a used coach shell. This would leave the antique bus shell in perfect condition to be purchased by the next owner and renovated to suite their needs as usually those of us who buy an older shell are more picky than the average bus buyer.

Bus & Coach Shells

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