Terms Of Service

In English :

Basically, just don't do the things you know you shouldn't be doing and everything will work out! It's a free service we are providing, so we would appreciate not being spammed with inappropriate content.

So behave and enjoy!
  1. Do not upload any inappropriate images or descriptive text while using the services provided by this website.
  2. Do not upload copyrighted materials where you are not the owner of said copyright.
  3. Do not attempt to use our services to engage in fraudulent activities.

Additional Terms

We (usedbusesforsale.net) will be the sole deciders regarding judgement of acceptability pertaining to all activities and information on this website. From time to time we may alter information provided with your ad or other service if we find the information to not comply with our standards. At times we may choose to place your bus or ad in a different category than you requested, this is based upon our criteria for creating a better website to better service our users, and also as per the requirements that result from our program/design to ensure proper and efficient functionality. We reserve the right to retain any information provided by the user which we find to be beneficial to the website, so long as the information we retain and/or display is true, and poses no threat to the user's safety or security in all aspects of law and business. In other words: if it helps us, and it doesn't hurt you, we can use it for as long as it is true.