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Converting an old bus into a more modern recreational vehicle is a common undertaking where used buses are concerned. Many folks have a fixer upper laying around that strikes their fancy and might make for an interesting bus conversion. Everyone enjoys travelling, and for those of us who don't have a million dollars to purchase a new motorhome, rv, or winnebago to travel the globe, bus conversions can be a practicle way to obtain our travel dreams. You can cut down on the cost of getting a recreational vehicle up and running by purchasing either an already converted motor coach or by buying a bus shell to convert yourself.

When it comes to converting a coach yourself there are several ways to go, depending especially on what your focus may be with you coach conversion. Though most often you will find motor coaches that have been converted for the purposes of living on the road, others have been converted for more practical application, or perhaps simply monetarily driven motives. One example that I have personally bore witness to is a gentleman who purchased a old time, antique school bus in an effort to begin the coach conversion. The goal behind the project was to take the antique school bus and convert it into a business on wheels. The plan was to sell the products directory out of the bus and create a moving 'kiosk' for his business, while maintaining the appearance he wished, an old time feel to his services.

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How to convert a bus for personal use as a motorhome or rv. First, find yourself the used bus shell that you most prefer. The most commonly applied bus shells for the conversion process are amongst some of the top manufacturers and higher seating coaches, which makes for the most room in your used bus conversion. Among these coach builders are Eagle buses, Prevost buses, and MCI bus conversions. These used buses lend themselves more readily to the conversion process with their larger bus body and sturdy framework. Another addditional advantage of these coaches is the fact that the underfloor luggage compartments con be converted along with the rest of the bus to make room for plumbing systems, electrical, or other appliance oriented details that are a prerequisite to having a bus conversion as a motorhome.

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