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Looking to sell or buy a used school bus? - Looking For A Used School Bus?
Example of a used school bus for sale, a 36 Student Capacity used school bus or converted for adults it seats a 24 adult capacity used school bus with diesel engine and an automatic transmission. It is a newer used school bus model for sale, possibly a bluebird or chevy school bus.

Used School Bus For sale On The Agenda? If your looking for a vehicle to carry alot of people or something with enough room to transport your things from one place to another. You may want to look into purchasing a used school bus. School buses are not just for carrying children to and from school. You can use them for church, youth groups,day cares, or even a band. There are hundreds no thousands of used buses for sale. So how do you decide which you is right for you?

Used School Bus Sales

You could always start with the size of the bus. How many people are you going to have? A mini bus holds up to 24 people while a full size bus can hold up to 80 people. I feel i should mention any bus with more than 14 passengers requires that the driver have a CDL license. What exactly are you going to use the bus for? Are you going to paint it multiple colors and tour around the country singing or is it for more practical uses such as picking up the elderly that attend your church. Will you need a handicapped accessible bus? How big is your budget? If you don't have a large spending budget it is possible to buy older used school buses for cheap. But they may need a few repairs. Be careful thought it may cost a bit to repair,that is if parts are even available. All of these things are great questions and will help in deciding which used school bus best fits your needs.

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