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Our free motor coach for sale classified ads are available to any member of the community. You can sign up to become a member anytime via the "sign up" link located at the top right of your browser window. Once signed up you can get started selling your used motor coach. There are multiple types and styles of classified option available to you when you getting ready to sell your motor coaches.

Below is a list of styles of Motor Coach Classifieds Offered:
  1. Photo Classifieds! - Bus Photo Classifieds offer you the opportunity to upload images of your motor coach for sale so that our visitors can see what you have to offer! - Currently you can upload up to 8 Pictures of your Motor Coaches. Additionally, all members who submit a Bus Sales Classified Ad with at least 1 Image of their coach will be featured in the newest listing at the top of the home page of
  2. Regular Motor Coach sales listings without photos. In this instance you follow the exact same procedure as you would for the Bus Photo Classifieds, however you simply do not upload a picture along with your motor coach's information and specifications
  3. Buying A Bus ? - Not A Problem, at the top of each page you'll find a link to a "Wanted Ads Classified Page". This section of our site allows our users to post what motor coaches they wish to buy. Maybe you have what they are looking for?
  4. Coming Soon! - Video Motor Coach Classifieds! Upload a video and let buyers get inside your coach for sale!

Motor Coaches For Sale, Suggestions For Coach Seller Classifieds

Remember, we encourage you to provide as much information as possible when submitting your motor coach for sale classified ad. The more information that you can provide bus buyers, the more likely it is that your coach will sell. Provide as much detailed information as you can about your bus regardless of how insignificant you may feel this information is! Additionally, Photos ads get more exposure than text only bus classifieds, so including as many pictures as possible will also help get your bus sold. Plus letís face it. People like to see what they are getting into ahead of time.

Motor Coach For Sale Selling Tips

Things To Remember When Selling a Used Motor Coach.

When preparing to sell your used motor coach there are several things you may wish to plan ahead to be ready. Do you have the title of your motor coach readily available? You would be surprised how many times finding a title can delay a bus purchase. Get your motor coach ready for sale! Give your bus a wash! What the heck, remove that gum you stuck under the seat last year because well, there was already some under there anyway. Make sure everything works, grab yourself some oil, check your filters and basic electrical systems are functioning. If this is a running motor coach for sale, make sure all the little things work. Why blow a sale because you didn't want to replace a tire?

Just remember, what would you want to see if you were the buying this bus?

These are just are suggestions for helping you sell your bus and in no way suggest that your bus will sell. Sometimes, people just don't buy.

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