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84 pax school bus for sale

General Description On This 1974 crown crown
its a 1974 84 passenger school bus with a cummins 220 engine, it has 329,000 miles,tinted windows, 5 speed manual. mainteance on the bus was done by our mechanic and freightliner. Its a good mountain bus. You will need a pullie for this bus, the starter is going out but we have it so if you want to rebuild it we have the original part to bus. Without pulllie the bus will not move, a pullie is when you start the bus it turns all the belts to the engine. we know places that have the part and can put it on for you, if not bus will neeed to be towed. Overall condition this bus is a good mountain bus we never had to replace the engine, trans, nothing. If you buy the bus pretty much you will need to change all the fluids like oil, antifreeze, power steering, etc and put pullie on and your good to go. The picture you see with the belts on it, thats the part thats missing I took a picture of it so you can see and to replace it its about 200-350 dollars
Interior Description About A 1974 crown crown
it is green, as you can see we repainted the interior roof 2 years ago. it has 3 emergence exits ( one side door, a rear push out window, and front door
Exterior Description For This 1974 crown crown
its yellow on the outside, the rims are white, the tires are about 75-80% good (u be the judge of it), there some scrape on the side luggage compartment and front door ( a car got to close to bus parking and hit it). The brakes are about 80- 85% good. Everything inside and out works on this bus.
Features Information For A 1974 crown crown
tinted windows, and you can put a stereo in it if you like we took our out that we had put in
1974 crown crown Specifications
We Apologize but our system did not find any specifications from the seller of this bus. Please send the seller a message if you would like additional details regarding this item.
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Posted on: Mar 22nd, 2010
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